Susie’s Mama Bear Pre-School & Child Care Center

Off Bell Road and
12th Street

(602) 866-1815

16830 N. 12th Street, Phoenix, Arizona

Near 19th Avenue and Northern Avenue

(602) 995-4294

2145 W. Northern Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona

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Dear Family,

Welcome to Susie's Mama Bear.  We know that choosing a child care center for your family is one of the most important decisions you will make.  We want to assure you that at Susie's Mama Bear your child will be cared for in a safe, warm, and nurturing place of wonder that enables your child to learn and grow through fun and developmentally appropriate activities.

Susie's Mama Bear is designed with families in mind.  We look to form a partnership with you and to complete the learning and healthy development of your child.  You are always welcome in our center at any time during the day to join your child for lunch or observe your child in their class.  We focus our center to be an active community that encourages friendships and creates a supportive network for your family.

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  • Visit the center with your child before his or her start day.  On one of those visits, let your child explore their perspective classroom while you step out for 15 to 20 minutes.  This time will allow your child to associate your departure with a return and allow you to observe your child at play with other children.
  • When you enter the classroom we advise all parents to take their child to a sink and wash their hands.  This is best practice for children to always wash their hands upon a new environment.
  • Establish a routine of reading a story or playing a game together before you leave.  This routine will tell your child that you feel the center is a good place to be, not a place from which you want to hurry away.
  • Bring a family photo for your child to look at during the day.
  • Say goodbye to your to your child rather than slipping out.  Your child will recognize that although you are leaving, you will be back.

As we enjoy this journey together, please feel free to share new ideas and suggestions.  We value the need for close communication between families and teachers.  We look forward to getting to know you and to offering you and your child a safe, caring and discovery-filled environment.

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